FCC Rule: Please check your radio.  It's Part 95 v.. Part 97.  Here's more info.


Those creating "dual purpose radios should be aware of possible consequences'

FL Digi Net - For information go to NETS page


We welcome and encourage your input to this website.  If you have event information, articles, news items, photos or 'other'  you'd like to pass on to the membership, please submit it to us using the link below.  If accepted it will be added to our site promptly.

Send to:  4cs.comm@gmail.com


Saturday morning Net Controllers will find protocols on the NETS page

Here is an online turorial that will help you get a handle on FL Digi.  Thanks to the folks that created this learning aid.  This is how I am teaching myself to use NBEMS.  

dj, KJ6DJ



Contra Costa Communications Club

A Club Dedicated toService

The "Four C's" runs an open repeater located in San Pablo, CA. It is not unusual to get stations checking in from as far east as the Sierras, up north well into Sonoma County and decent coverage throughout San Francisco and the North Bay​​

4C's Repeaters


  144-   145.110   -82.5

  220-    224.300  -82.5

  440-    444.275  +82.5 .

      Packet Information
Network Node =
Keyboard to Keyboard

KBOX= Box for messages or  



Frequency = 145.050 

New to HAM Radio?  Learn to use your radio on our Saturday morning training net. 

0915 on 444.275MHz.  +82.5 PL 

Elmers (help) will be available to asist operators following the last net at 0930.

Your membership helps keep our repeaters maintained and operating.  Please make a donation to guarantee continuous service.  Join NOW!

You may also donate to our repeater operation fund at the same address.  Thank you

Rick has a very thorough and complete setup video.

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When the need arises for amateurs and emergency responders to report, digital reporting of damages, accidents, medical incidents and other issues will require accurate reports.  Digital makes it happen.

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