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  I will help you practice FLDigi when you are ready.  Load the programs and contact me for a day and time.  We will meet on  444.275Mhz, + PL 82.5.  Bring your questions and your problems and we'll try to work them out.  I don't know it all but I know some people who know a lot more than I  who are willing to help us out.  There are many videos online that give excellent instruction on the use of this program.  

NOTE:  The latest version, .20, has some changes in the Configuration file.  They are different 

​in the Training video.  dj

Beginners Guide to FL Digi


Digital transmission isn't new and is much older than most people think.  Smoke signals and the blinking lights the Navy used to use on ships were digital traffic.  Morse code, teletype and the Wall Street ticker tape were all digital. Glyphs and letters of the alphabet are symbols that communicate thoughts and ideas to others.  It's all been around a long time.  I'm trying to encourage an easy and efficient cooperative method of sending error free communications in rapid succession.  In a disaster these are important concerns. 

Download the latest version.  Read the link and make sure it says fldigi-4.xx.xx_setup.exe.  Also download flmsg...setup.exe and flamp...setup.exe files.When the page changes the download will begin automatically so don't go clicking on all of the "Download Now" buttons.  They're ads for junk.  

If the download goes well it will pop up a window and you should press "Run" to begin the setup.  Look in your download folder and repeat for flmsg and flamp files.   Mac users will have to search a little harder to find these programs.  I couldn't find them but I know they are there, somewhere.

    4C’s Nets     

Monday          0710    Over the Hill Net    145.110       

Tuesday         0710    Over the Hill Net     145.110     Jan – AC5RB 
                      1930     220 Net                   224.300     dj - KJ6DJ    

Wednesday   0710     Over the Hill Net      145.110    Roger - KE6SZG or
                                                                                     Bergie - KE6MSF

Thursday       0710     Over the Hill             145.110    Xia - K2XIA     

                      1845     WC EMCOMM Net  145.110    Members Rotate     
                      1930     4C’s Evening Net     145.110    1st week, W6BBQ,

                                   2nd,  AC5RB, 3rd  Available  4th, KJ6RHF, 5th KJ6DJ      

Friday            0710     Over the Hill Net       145.110     Alvin - KK6UQX    

Saturday        0900     Bay Area EMCOM Net  145.110     NET Members will

                                     0915     4C's West County Net   444.275     rotate as needed         ​                       0930     Bay Area Comm Net     224.300                                                                  ____________________________________________________​                       1000     CERT FLDigi Net          444.275    dj - KJ6DJ

​Saturday Nets Protocol:  

​​​​​​​​FL Digi Net

*To participate in the FL Digi Net you will need to download FLDigi.exe, FLMSG.exe and FL Amp.exe.  Here is the link to the necessary files.  The page has many files but we only use these.  Please install them prior to the net or, we'll help you get up and running.  dj