Friday,  1/6/17   071 5   Richmond Marina

​AB4AL's Rainbow Sunrise  Mar 16, 2018

April 15, 2016.  East Bay hills near the steam train in Tilden Park.  It's just after 7am.  The sun hasn't made it over the hills yet.

March 18,2016.  I'm awed at the size of these ships.  The tugs make easy work of getting it to the dock.

Dec. 16, 2016 Auto junk yard fire on Richmond Parkway.

dj On The Street    Here are some pictures of today's QTH.  Click on a photo for full size view.  dj, KJ6dj.

May 27, 2015  Where am I?    The Pig Farm on  Alhambra Valley Road.  They don't appear to be in operation any longer.  The coops and barn are empty.

 It's a rest stop for cyclists after the hill climb.

June 12, 2015   Where am I?    Site of Kaiser Shipyard #3.  The first image is the building used for fabricating the modules for each ship. 

Photos & Videos

For your viewing pleasure I have uploaded a slide presentation of my "new" Go Kit.  It contains:

​2 - 2m/440 HT's  (Baofeng)

​2 - 2m/220 HT's  (Wouxun)

​1 - 2m/440 25W  BTech 2501  

​1 - 2m/220/440   BTech 2501-200

1 - 18W Solar panel and controller

​1 - 12v motorcycle battery

1 - 500W inverter

​Headphones w/mic for HT's

​various antennas

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March 10, 2017  Richmond Harbor Master

I am hoping to get use of this Richmond Fire resource for our club.  Cross your fingers.  

June 26, 2015  Where am I?.  Thsi is the old railroad station at Point Richmnd, CA. 

AB4AL Photos

November 13, 2015.  I'm overlooking the bay from the top of Crest Dr. in Pt. Richmond.  Note the fog over Angel Island.

March 24, 2016.  I am at the Frank Zampa Scenic Point in Crockett, CA.  I love the early mornings and the lush colors.  Happy Good Friday.

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November 6, 2015  I am watching the Violet Ace lower its delivery ramp.  This ship is a car transport.  Viewed from the Craneway at the end of Harbor Way in Richmond, CA

Dec. 16, 2016 at the Richmond marina.  Nice sunrise.